Mozart VS. Salieri – Pacific Opera Project

From left to right: tenor Christopher Anderson-West, soprano Karen Hogle Brown, baritone Andy Papas and soprano Brooke deRosa.

Well, we just finished our closing weekend of Mozart vs. Salieri … it was a great run with sold out shows throughout. Pacific Opera Project puts on an awesome show every time they go! 🙂 This was a recreation of an actual contest put on by Joseph II, here is the description from

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was widely known in Vienna, but the coveted permanent employment as court composer at the imperial court of Joseph II was held by the older Antonio Salieri. The natural competition between the two musicians was the talk of the Viennese society and, unsurprisingly, an idea of Emperor Joseph II in spring 1786 was the talk of the day.

The emperor invited both musicians to participate in a public opera competition. Both were to compose a one act opera, to be performed consecutively. Both works told the stories of intrigues at the opera. The occasion was a visit of Joseph’s sister Archduchess Marie Christine and her husband, Duke Albrecht von Sachsen-Teschen, from Brussels. The competition was to be held in front of hundreds of guests during a spring festival at the orangery of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.

Mozart had to compose the musical comedy “The Impresario”, Salieri an Italian opera buffa – “Prima la musica e poi le parole”. It was a splendid evening for the guests in the tropical atmosphere of the orangery, great food was served and the high society amused itself – unfortunately, at Mozart’s expense.

Here is the link to the video of the operas, both comedic one acts featuring the behind the scenes action of conductors, impresarios and the singers they “work with”. Make some popcorn and get ready to laugh:

Next up on my slate is Don Jose for Bizet’s masterpiece, Carmen, with Celestial Opera. Enjoy the show!